It’s curious the things that stay with you when you travel and discover a new place. Some weeks ago, I was invited to visit the Agriturismo Ponterosa, a family-run organic farmhouse in Morrovalle, in the Macerata Province.

Iolanda and Fabrizio, the owners, received us in their lovely “little piece of world”, in Le Marche. Informal, cozy, friendly, and rigorously organic: that’s the soul of this working farm. It’s an ideal place to connect tourists with the rural charm that defines this Italian region.

Here I’m sharing with you some insights of my personal experience: are you ready to visit this great place with me?

The vegetable garden

Arriving in the farmhouse, the first thing we visited was the vegetable garden, the heart of the agriturismo and its cuisine. Artichokes, tomatoes, green herbs, olives, chickpeas, and many kinds of fruits were ready to be part of their homemade recipes.

For me -a person who always lived in big cities-, discovering a vegetable garden is always a great event. During the visit, the differences between life in a modern versus a traditional context becomes quite evident. For example, in a supermarket, vegetables and fruits look so uniform and clean, with the same size, color, and shape. But it doesn’t always mean that they’re as good as they look. In an authentic countryside environment, you can perceive that fruits and vegetables are fresh and extremely tasty, but they are not always pretty or unblemished. Vegetables are supposed to be exactly as nature is: simple and perfectly imperfect. So, the tour with Iolanda and Fabrizio in their garden was such a pleasant and genuine experience!

vegetable garden marche

Having lunch with local Italian traditions

After visiting the farm, the rooms, and admiring the stunning view from the garden, we visited the kitchen and the saw the handmade pasta preparation. Here, I met Tomo Hitachim, a Japanese native who left his country to live his strong passion for Le Marche cuisine. He was preparing a handmade pasta in a perfect local style (Japanese friends, why not ask for a cooking class with Iolanda and Tomo? You’re not going to find many Japanese speakers here!).

After that, we enjoyed a tasty lunch prepared with local raw materials. A good pasta with tomato sauce is not as easy to prepare as it looks: this one was really special!

italian pasta pomodoro sauce

Pasta with pomodoro sauce

To taste this timeless recipe, the owners prepared a classic Italian table, the goal of which is not only to support a great food experience, but also to promote the socialization. Different from many countries, eating together remains a strong pillar of the Italian culture. Family and friends talk about what happened during the week and how they feel. Everything is warm and familiar. A ritual that goes on and on, every day. A beautiful celebration of life itself: how can we not agree with them?

agriturismo morrovalle dinner

What is an agriturismo?

This Italian term is a mix of the words “agriculture” and “tourism”. An agriturismo is a farmhouse where you can enjoy your vacation, stay and/or have dinner. Most of the “agriturismi” in Italy produces vegetables, wine or olive oil, which are used to prepare the meals or during cooking lessons.

agriturismo ponterosa morrovalle

Tomo and his love for Le Marche Cuisine

Where is Morrovalle, Le Marche?

Morrovalle is a village in the province of Macerata which stands on a low hill, at a few kilometers from the Adriatic Coast. The village landscape is typical of the countryside of Le Marche: wavy fields of wheat, olive groves, and lovely vineyards.

Ponterosa: the accommodations

This rustic and affordable agriturismo has 4 guest rooms, and is a great place to stay and to taste local dishes. With a small pool and a beautiful garden, it’s an ideal place to chill and be in close contact with nature.

To maintain the rustic style, the owners chose antique and rustic furniture, with unique pieces and rural objects.

farmohouse ponterosa morrovalle

ph. Credits Agriturismo Ponterosa

Food shopping and Pasta Box Italia

Food shopping is a must during your travel in Le Marche! Our lunch was prepared with ingredients of the Agriturismo Food shop and their new project: Pasta Box Italia. Visitors can bring home some of the best flavors of the land, organized in a great box with complete ingredients for a dinner for 2 or 6 people. Everything you need to cook, in a single box (available also online)! Pasta, handmade sauce, olive oil and other ingredients in a nice box: perfect for a travel gift or for a dinner with family and friends. The recipe and some cooking tips are written in both English and Italian.

pasta box italia 2

Why to choose Agriturismo Ponterosa

I recommend the agriturismo Ponterosa to discover the slow life philosophy of Le Marche and to eat healthily according to the local food culture. Be conquered by the simplicity and the flavors of this area of Le Marche, and unplug from the hectic everyday life. Iolanda and Fabrizio, with their personal touch, will know how to make you feel at home!

Agriturismo Ponterosa
Contrada Montigliano, 14, 62010 Morrovalle MC, Italy

+39 392 910 5810

Province of Macerata

agriturismo ponterosa

Iolanda & Fabrizio, the owners. Credits Facebook Page Agriturismo Ponterosa

Thanks for the great experience!

This post was written in collaboration with Agriturismo Ponterosa during the blogtour #bloggernellorto.

As always, opinions of this article are my own.

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