Fano Italy is a coastal town located in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. It’s the third biggest city by population in Le Marche, a central region of Italy.

This ancient town- which history dates back 2.000 years- was the largest Roman settlement on the Adriatic coast. Established by Julius Caesar in 49 BC, this territory was known as Fanum Fortunae, due to the temple dedicated to the Goddess Fortune (Tempio della Fortuna).

At Fano, you can relax on long sandy beaches, feel the soul of its ancient history and experience local life in many traditional events. Now, just grab your paper and pen: are you ready to take note of the main attractions?

Things to do in Fano

  • Pass through the Arch of Augustus

Built by Emperor Augustus, the Arch of Augustus was the main gate to the town. It’s one of the most important symbols of the town and marks the access to the sea from the ancient Roman route called Via Flaminia.

In the form of a triumphal arch with three vaults, the monument is dated to AD 9 and has an inscription located on the frieze, with characters carved in the rock.

The upper part of this monument was destroyed by Federico of Montefeltro, when he bombarded the city in 1463, during a siege.

Now, let’s continue with our tour. Imagination is an important part of this historical itinerary: are you ready to go on?

fano italy arch of augustus

  • Visit the Museum of Via Flaminia (Church of San Michele)

On the side of Arch of Augustus, you’ll see an ancient white church. Inside it, you’ll find this Museum, which virtually reconnects past and present. Interactive materials give back life to Roman archaeological heritage spread along Via Flaminia.

fano museum

  • Discover the archaeological Museum and Picture Gallery of the Malatesta Palace

First of all, you need to know that Malatesta was an Italian family that ruled over Rimini and some areas in Le Marche, during the medieval period.

The Malatesta Palace (Corte Malatestiana) was built in the 14th century and contains a beautiful vaulted hall (which probably was part of the residence of the Malatesta) and a small turret. The “modern part” was built in the 15th century.

Inside the palace, there’s the archaeological Museum and the Picture Gallery. Visitors can have access to many halls, divided into four main areas: Archaeological, Numismatics, Ceramics, and the picture gallery, the Pinacoteca. The museum contains works from all ages of history, included prehistoric finds from the Fano area and objects from the Roman period.

Inside the Palace, you will find the original statue dedicated to the Goddess Fortune, the symbol of the city. The statue located in the Piazza XX settembre, is a bronze reproduction (and quite perfect!).

fano italy malatesta palace

  • Malatesta tombs (Church of San Francesco)

The deconsecrated church of San Francesco is an impressive monument today even without roof.

In the portico, there are the tombs of Pandolfo III Malatesta and his wife, Paola Bianca. The tomb of Paola Bianca is an authentic masterpiece of late Gothic sculpture and the Malatesta tomb is an example of Renaissance art. The deconsecrated Church is located in the center just a few steps from Piazza XX Settembre.

This fascinating place looks like a “piece of past” stuck between modern fences!

fano italy carlo torelli

Ph. Carlo Torelli Facebook Page Visit Fano

  • Visit an impressive church

Santa Maria Nuova, San Silvestro Church, San Pietro in Vale, Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral , Basilica of San Paterniano, and Eremo di Monte Giove are just some of the religious wonders located in Fano. Here, art, history, and devotion are an impressive mix.  It’s a must-see!

santa maria nuova church

Credits: Facebook page Visit Fano Ph. Stefano Frattini Santa Maria Nuova Church

  • Take part in the Carnival of Fano: the oldest in Italy

I think there’s no better way to understand the local people than taking part of a traditional local event.

This Carnival is the oldest in Italy!

Masks, customs, allegorical wagons and so much happiness: the ingredients of this event are part of the popular culture and traditions of the territory.

Thousands of chocolates, sweets, and caramels are showered from parade floats onto the crowds of spectators (yes, so many chocolates!).

I had the opportunity to get in a Carnival float – full of dancing people and colorful symbols: feeling the general happiness from that perspective was an unforgettable experience!

fano italy carnival

  • Sun and Sea: relax on the blue flag beaches

The coastline is divided into Lido and Sassonia: both of them are low coasts. The first area is with sandy beaches and the second one with pebbles.

You can find equipped areas, with all services and restaurants and also areas of free beach.

Fano has been awarded the Blue Flag, which guarantees the environmental quality of the water, of the coast and the services for visitors.

fano italy beach

Credits Facebook Page Visit Fano ph.Gio Falcioni

  • Taste the Brodetto and la Moretta

We can’t talk about a place in Italy without talking about exquisite food.

Now is the moment to choose your table in the main square, take a sit and discover two local specialties: Brodetto and the Moretta.

The brodetto (fish stew) is the most typical local dish and it’s delicious!

Moretta is a typical hot coffee from this city, and is a blend of anise, rum, and brandy. Usually enjoyed after meals as a digestive, it’s also used as a hot drink on cold days.

fano italy moretta

Get ready to explore this amazing Italian City! Are you coming over?


fano italy map

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Thanks to MarcheTourism and VisitFano for this wonderful tour in the City.

fano italy carnival

Carnival of Fano: with the bloggers and friends Mamma Turchina, Destino Marche and Diario di una viaggiatrice seriale.

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