Filovino Wine Resort & SPA: there is a place in the heart of the Marche region that can be described as a real temple to Marche wines. Filodivino is an estate of 20 hectares set on terraces on San Marcello (AN) that produces Verdicchio and Lacrima del Morro d’Alba, some of the most famous wines of the region. With exclusive accommodation between the vineyards, a gourmet restaurant, an impressive winery, and a SPA, guests can enjoy a 360° wine experience in this magnificent resort.

The wines: tradition and innovation coexist in perfect harmony

Located between the sea and the countryside, Filodivino’s land offers natural elements for an excellent production of wines of great structure and character, as Verdicchio and Lacrima del Morro d’Alba, protagonists of its production.

Filodivino wines are characterized by a strong combination of tradition and innovation. Local roots are the essential element of its wines, but Alberto Gandolfi, the owner, introduced the most innovative technologies to ensure its quality, and to respect the biodiversity and environment. I believe innovation and tradition are not opposites: a blend of the two can be crucial in preserving old traditions.

The production is completely certified organic and it’s a result of natural and accurate processes. This choice ensures healthy grapes with perfect ripeness without any invasive interventions during the vinification.

Red, white, rose or sparkling—each bottle is made with grapes grown on their estates and captures the exceptional flavors of their unique identity.

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The underground winery

Designed to impress, this winery is the Filodivino’s soul. This magnificent location was projected by the Italian architect Cristiana Dell’Acqua, who created it in the ground to reduce the impact on the territory. The design, natural materials, and colors were meticulously chosen to ensure the perfect harmony with the landscape, which despite its defined character, has a very natural impact.

Over two floors, the aging area is located underground. Here you can see the authentic barriques and traditional amphorae and discover where the wine is preserved and refined. Returning to the surface, you can enjoy the elegant tasting area that offers a stunning view of the Marche hills in the outdoor area.

The winery is managed by Matteo Chiucconi, a local winemaker who safeguards an interesting journey through the past, present, and future of Marche wines.

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The vineyard lodge

Spacious lodges and suites with a stunning vineyard view: it’s a perfect match between tradition and contemporary, simplicity and elegance.

Refined facilities, sought-after design elements, and fine materials: Filodivino knows how to turn your attention to little things.

This wine resort embraces the concept of uniqueness in each lodge’s design, with private terraces, locally hand-crafted furniture, linen sheets made from soft natural fibers, and body products prepared with their raw materials.

Are you ready to relax on the veranda, read your favorite book or sip on a glass of wine enjoying the sunset?

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Infinity pool with a view of the Marche hills

Surrounded by enchanting green hills and vineyards, Filodivino offers breathtaking views.

See every nook and cranny of the Marche countryside while you cool off in the swimming pool or enjoy a wine tasting alfresco with some of the best local produce.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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The Restaurant

Filodivino is also celebrated for its outstanding menu, prepared with local raw materials by the chef Andrea Alessandrelli.

The vineyard resort’s restaurant offers some of the region’s best dishes, blended with character and local flavors, and paired with the best wines.

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If you’re looking for a vacation around a food or wine destination, then look no further. Filodivino offers a taste of the good life in a scenic location!

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You can’t miss this premium spa with a view! Here you enjoy the best health and beauty treatments amid picturesque views of or the wine fields. There’re many different proposals for your personalized program or retreat: it’s a perfect place to de-stress.

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Filodivino is based in San Marcello (Ancona province), in the Marche region, in an enchanting valley between the green hills and vineyards.

The resort is secluded and very peaceful, though the most beautiful beaches, restaurants, and many cultural activities are within a short driving distance. You can easily reach Ancona and the Conero Riviera in about 40 minutes.

San Marcello, the nearest village, is a small town that was a castle in the past: it’s still possible to admire its well-preserved line of walls. In this little village, you can visit the Renaissance Palazzo Marcelli, the parish church, the Saint Mary church, and the Ferrari theatre.

In just some minutes by car, you can easily reach the historic village of Morro d’Alba, a village famous for the DOC wine production (“controlled designation of origin”; a system of labeling and legally protecting of Italian wines). With a medieval atmosphere, the city is still encircled by its ancient walls, maintaining the original footprint of the old city center, with its narrow streets, squares, and brick buildings standing just like they were in the past.

Sustainable eco-philosophy

Low-impact travel and luxury can coexist. I appreciate hotels with a green soul and that demonstrate respect for the environment and ethical commitment.

Recyclable, eco-friendly building materials were chosen for Filodivino’s construction. They focus on energy efficiency and waste reduction every day. In the kitchen, they prefer local products to ensure authentic and fresh dishes and support the local economy, especially local artisans.

In the resort, guests can enjoy free bicycles and charging stations for electric vehicles (Tesla chargers are also available).

Due to its unique setting and focus on the environment, Filodivino is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

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I think that any additional word is superfluous, don’t you think?


The owners & their philosophy


Every bottle of excellent wine has a remarkable story behind it. Filodivino winery was born in 2014 when the owner Alberto Gandolfi decided to recover an abandoned vineyard and convert it into a broader expression of the Marche wine.

Alberto and his wife Alida believe in the strong enological potential of Le Marche and have special attention to sustainability and biodiversity.

Daniela, an important part of their team, knows how to make guests feel special, offering them personalized solutions to spend unforgettable days in Filodivino and in the Marche region.

Every corner of Filodivino promises to delight guests with its flavors, design, high level of service, and scenic location across the Marche countryside.

I would like to thank Alberto and Daniela for the warm welcome in this magnificent wine resort!

Alberto Gandolfi

Strengths in my opinion

  • The 360° wine experience, between vineyards, wine tasting, and their unique winery
  • Picturesque location amid Marche vineyards
  • Opportunities to learn about winemaking
  • The Gourmet experience in the restaurant
  • The SPA
  • The elegant and intimate setting and high-quality services
  • The infinity pool
  • Their environmental responsibility and eco-friendly philosophy

It’s perfect for:

  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Smart workers
  • Yoga and Food Retreats
  • Wine lovers

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Address: Via Serra, 46, 60030 San Marcello, Ancona Province
Tel +39 0731 026139
Web Site:
Wine Tastings and Direct Sales /export

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