Turning our home into a cozy restaurant for the people we live with could be an inspirational way to use dinner as a creative experience, especially during the pandemic.

Today I’m going to share with you a special project of Le Marche, Italy: Eroi in Cucina (Heroes in the Kitchen). It’s a charitable project created by La Ginestra in Fiore restaurant (Sirolo, Marche) and supported by many local companies. “Eroi in cucina” means union and demonstrates that difficult times can encourage people to produce creative ideas and support each other.

Flavor, creativity, solidarity, resilience. These are the most important ingredients of the Premium Food Box “Eroi in Cucina”. This special food box contains many delicious sauces, selected raw materials, best local ingredients, and pre-cooked side dishes. Part of the amount will be donated to a local association in Le Marche that is helping those affected by the pandemic effects. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that “unity makes strength,” showing how the heartfelt “marchigiano spirit” can create better projects together. Inspirational gesture without geographical boundaries, don’t you think?

My restaurant experience at home with Eroi in Cucina

Let’s assume that dining in a restaurant is an experience that could not be replaced, especially in Italy. The location, the dim light, the flickering candle, the cozy corner, the toasts, and the soft voices between the tables. There’s no substitute for the human touch. People add immeasurably to the clients’ overall enjoyment of the restaurant experience. But due to the COVID restrictions, restaurants in this moment are not able to offer the same experience in many countries around the world. So, here in Le Marche, La Ginestra in Fiore restaurant and a group of local companies decided to deliver not only a food box, but a complete dining experience, created specifically for this period. I was so excited to participate in this initiative, contributing to spread the voice of people that are trying to reinvent and find in the collaboration a common sense to face this challenging situation.

When I write about something, I like to “play the role,” it helps me a lot! So, a special food box with this important mission, deserves also to be “lived” as a special and light-hearted moment.

That’s how I prepared a chef’s table at my table:

1) A little of creativity: the food pairing and the menu

With a little imagination, deciding new pairings and ingredients was so funny and exciting, from the starter to the main course. Pairing Fish, ciauscolo, and many kinds of sauces and pre-cooked side-dishes was amazing!

eroi in cucina 6

2) A guaranteed chef performance

That’s a really strong point! With this kit, you have the guarantee of a great cuisine performance: it’s not necessarily a high-end kitchen or years of chef training.

how to create a restaurant experience 8

3) The plating experience

This initiative also invites you to discover the pleasure of plating and its significant effect on how people feel about what they are eating. These were some of my creations: not so bad, don’t you think?

how to create a restaurant experience 3

4) The table setting

I tried to differentiate my “restaurant table” from the kitchen table most of the time. I used a nice tablecloth and set it with special wine glasses. Candles and other decor elements were used to recreate the cozy “atmosphere.”

how to create a restaurant at home

How to order a Food Box or support the project:

  • If you live or if you are in Le Marche this month:

You can order it on the website www.eroiincucina.it or by phone. Just check the delivery areas. Eroi in Cucina will be delivered until 15th December 2020.

  • If you’re a foreign tourist who loves Le Marche:

Take note: don’t forget to go to La Ginestra in Fiore restaurant during your next visit to Le Marche. Check the companies that are participating: if you’ve the occasion, prefer companies that demonstrate social responsibility. Buy local products: it’s a contribution as a tourist to support the local economy.

la ginestra in fiore restaurant

La Ginestra in Fiore Restaurant ( Sirolo, Le Marche)

  • If you’re a local company:

Did you like the idea? Would you like to participate in the next edition? Contact La Ginestra in Fiore and share your ideas!

  • Share it:

Spread the word. It’s a simple way to support the initiative and to inspire others!

eroi in cucina 2

The local companies which supported the project

I cannot talk about this project without mentioning the companies that have contributed to giving birth to “Eroi in Cucina”. Social responsibility helps build trust, raise awareness, and encourage social change: it allows businesses large and small to enact positive change.

  • Ginestra in Fiore, Restaurant, (Sirolo, AN)
  • Pastificio Mancini, local pasta producer (Monte San Pietrangeli, FM)
  • Petrucci & Natali, agri-food products (Camerano (AN)
  • Cartecchini Oleificio, olive oil producer (Montecassiano, MC)
  • Cacchiarelli Fruits and vegetables (Recanati, MC)
  • Fior di Grano, Bakery and Pastry (Marcelli di Numana, AN)
  • Lavorcarni, Meat processing and fish products, (San Severino Marche, MC)
  • Segafredo, Roasting and coffee distribution (Head Office of Ripatransone, Ascoli Piceno)
  • Parmalat, Milk and milk derivatives (Head Office of Jesi, AN)
  • Tobago, Professional clothing (Osimo, AN)
  • BCC Credito Cooperativo Banca di Filottrano, Bank (Sirolo, AN)
  • Capità, Professional products for hotels and restaurants (Recanati, MC)
  • New Neon ABC, Advertising signs and advertising (Osimo, AN)
  • Conero Service 2000, Packaging and print ( Camerano, AN)

eroi in cucina 5

“Giving is not just about donating. It is about making a difference.” 

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