If you’re planning to visit Le Marche Italy and you’re considering which means of transport is more appropriate, you can find here many possible options. This region is located in a strategic position, being in the center of Italy: you can arrive in Le Marche by car, train, bus, airplane, and ferry. Whatever your choice will be, believe me: your journey will be special with the amazing landscapes of this region. Find out the itineraries:

  • By airplane

The nearest airport is the Raffaello Sanzio Airport near Ancona. Another alternative is the Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport as it has more options for international flights. Rome airport (3,5 hours by car to Ancona) and Milan airport (3,5 hours by high-speed train) offer an extensive choice of flights.

  • By car

Depending on where you are coming from you can arrive by car. Whichever choice you make I recommend you use or rent a car to have more autonomy exploring this destination. There are so many things to do and to see in this region and in my opinion the internal bus connections aren’t the best solution to move around it.

  • By train

In the main Italian cities, you can find the two categories of high-speed trains: Frecciarossa or Frecciabianca. Certainly Frecciarossa trains are the fastest of these, reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h. For example, departing from Milan the Frecciarossa will arrive in just 3 hours in the Ancona train station. Check out the Trenitalia website for train connections.

  • By bus

You can find many different bus companies available in the main airports and cities that come to Le Marche. Related to internal transfers, it is possible to visit the most important towns by public transportation, but only the largest towns have frequent bus service, and some have no service on Sundays. So, if you would like to visit many charming towns and castles in Le Marche, please consider that many of them can be reached only by car.

  • By Ferrie

The Port of Ancona is an important hub for domestic and international boasts and ferries.



Driving in Le Marche could be one of the most fascinating experiences you can have: it’s wonderful for gazing close up at vineyards, ruins, castles, and sunflowers fields. … a breathtaking scenery!

On the other hand, driving here probably is not as intuitive as it can be in other countries.

I prepared to you some practical information, enhanced with some local tips. So, I hope it can be useful!


Traffic rules are the same as the European norms and signing follows international agreements.

In other words, if you’re European, you can use just the EU license, if not, you will need an International license. Most importantly, you will also need the vehicle registration book and the insurance certificate.

Streets & GPS

Internal streets could be very narrow and steep. So, If you’re not used to driving in similar places, a car with automatic transmission could be very helpful.

GPS is essential! It will be easier driving around everywhere with a GPS, so I recommend you renting one with your car or downloading some maps on your cell phone (to be able to use it offline) and make sure to let them guide you. They will be lifesavers when you miss exits and can re-route you without big issues.

City Driving: attention the ZTL area

ZTL or “zona a traffico limitato” means it is a restricted traffic zone. Certainly they help protect historic centers from excessive traffic, which would otherwise make the city less attractive. The low emission zones also help reduce pollution.

Considering it, when visiting an antique city, I suggest you park your car outside the city center and forget about driving it in town. Just wear comfortable shoes and be ready to have a pleasant walk!

Speed limit

  • In cities, along all streets: the speed limit is 50 km/hr.
  • As you leave the city, the speed limit growths to 70 km/hr on secondary roads and signs can specify that speed can be up to 90 km/hr.
  • Autostrade: the speed limit can change from 110 to 130 km/hr. The most common is 130, but signs will be displayed when the speed limit decreases. Don’t always follow the speed of traffic.
  • Police speed traps are frequent, pay attention!


le marche driving

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