If you’re an Italy obsessed person like me, you know the Italian gift ideas available here are countless.

Le Marche is one of the few Italian regions where it is not easy to find tourist souvenirs: every gift you buy here is part of an authentic Italian life.  Food, wine, ceramic, fashion, handmade shoes, artisan objects; even if I’m not a shopping addict, I need to confess that shopping in Le Marche and in Italy is a real paradise!

Get ready and take notes. Here are ten authentic Italian things to bring back home. Many of them are available online, so you can feel a little bit closer to Italy even if you’re not there.  Enjoy your gift shopping!

1) Shoes & Leather Goods

It’s hard to resist a beautiful pair of shoes, especially when those shoes are made in Italy. Italy has a long-standing tradition in craftsmanship and in leather goods.

If you’ve got a thing about shoes, you need to know that Le Marche is famous for its leather craftsmanship and produces most Italian shoes. So, don’t miss a trip to the outlets in Le Marche to see shoes, handbags and other leather goods.

The Marche Region has an endless number of shoes manufacturers and designers, as well as outlets, handcrafters, shops and factory stores where you can find famous or handmade brands discounted. It also offers a great opportunity to see true artisans at work!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Local shoe stores and shopping centers.
  • In Le Marche: I suggest these outlets:

Tod’s & Hogan Outlet: Via Filippo della Valle, 63811 Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Province of Fermo.

Il Castagno Brand Village:Strada Brancadoro, Mostrapiedi Seconda, 63811 Casette Ete Sant Elpidio a Mare,Province of Fermo.

Loriblu: Via dell’Economia, 9, 63821 Porto Sant’Elpidio FM, Italy

Cesare Paciotti: Via Pirelli 16, Zona Industriale A Civitanova Marche (Macerata)

le marche italian shoes

2) Gourmet Italian Food Set

The fact is that some of the best gifts from Italy are food-related. A food box is a perfect way to bring back home the Italian flavors or gift your friends and family.

Go to a local supermarket or gourmet shops and select and pair the best typical products by your own.

Suggestion: you can invent a theme (regional, aperitif, truffles, Italian pasta, romantic Italian dinner, etc.). This would be more interesting and funny!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Local supermarkets and gourmet shops.
  • In Le Marche: If you have doubts related to the brands or how to match the products, you can also buy a complete food box already packaged. In Le Marche, I suggest you Enjoy Marche, a local company who selects the best typical products and deliver them directly at your accommodation (available in the Macerata Province).
  • Worldwide / Online: On Amazon.com I’ve found many Italian brands that are not famous in Italy. So, I suggest you use this Food Kit, famous in the north of Italy and tested by myself. These specialties are delicious!
italian food set 1

Credits Enjoy Marche

3) A Premium Local Pasta

A local Italian pasta is always a must! Depending on the region you’re in, try to identify the local brands: they’re excellent, and it’s a great way to contribute to the local economy.

In Le Marche, I suggest one of my favorite pastas, I maccheroncini di  La Campofilone. It’s a very thin pasta—ready in just one minute—and it’s delicious. It’s also marked as IGP (Protected Geographic Origin). Being a premium pasta, even the packaging is perfect for a gift!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Local supermarkets and gourmet shops.
  • In Le Marche: Main local supermarkets and gourmet shops. Two local brands that I usually buy are La Campofilone and La Pasta di Camerino.
  • Worldwide / Online: On Amazon.com I’ve found La Campofilone. I’ve saved also other Italian pastas that I recommend you.
italian gift ideas

Ph. Credits Facebook Page La Campofilone

4) A Hand Painted Bottle of Olive Oil & Other Ceramic Objects

A hand-painted ceramic bottle is an original way to serve your favorite Italian olive oil. You can also pair it with a good olive oil to gift your friends: I’m sure they will appreciate it!

In Le Marche, Majolica (Italian tin-glazed pottery dating from the Renaissance period) is an ancient tradition and can be found in many areas of the territory. It’s another great opportunity to see local artisans creating unique pieces!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Local shops and ceramic shops.
  • In Le Marche: Local shops and ceramic shops. There’re also many local oil producers in Le Marche where you can buy the oil directly.
  • Worldwide / Online: I’ve found this great hand-painted bottle on Amazon.com.

olive oil bottle

5) Italian Moka Coffee Pot + Traditional Italian Coffee

It’s hard to think about an Italian meal without coffee. To enjoy coffee like an Italian, this could be a very useful kit: a classical Moka coffee pot paired with a traditional local coffee.

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Local supermarkets and food and gourmet shops.
  • In Le Marche: Local supermarkets and gourmet shops. I suggest you a local gourmet coffee as a gift: Orlandi Passion Via Del Terziario San Benedetto del Tronto.
  • Worldwide / Online: Check out this classic Moka coffee pot and this classic Italian coffee—they’re must-haves!

moka coffee pot

italian coffee gift

Credits Facebook Page Orlandi Passion Caffè

6) A Regional Cookbook

A cookbook is a gift idea that never grows old. Every Italian cooking lover would be happy to own an extra cookbook. From traditional to modern and from healthy to classic desserts, you can also choose a regional cookbook. You’ll find a large variety of Italian cookbooks everywhere!

Where to Find it:

Italian cook book

7) An Outstanding Bottle of Local Wine

Italy has a long background of wine production and probably is the largest producer of wine in the world. Italian wine is also very popular, making it a perfect choice for gifts.

Red, white, sparkling or not? Just choose your favorites bottles of wine and bring it back home. So, I always suggest to my friends to buy local wines when they’re visiting a specific region.

In Le Marche, many outstanding wines could be a perfect Italian “souvenir”:  Passerina, Verdicchio, Pecorino, Rosso Conero, Rosso Piceno, Lacrima di Morro DOC, Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG. It’s very hard to choose a favorite wine here!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Supermarkets, wine, and gourmet shops.
  • In Le Marche: Supermarkets, wine and gourmet shops, and directly at local wineries.
  • Worldwide / Online: I didn’t find it on Amazon, but I found this great wine searcher site.
le marche wine

Credits Orlandi Passion & Cocci Grifoni

8) A Premium Bottle of Local Olive Oil

What about a top selection of local olive oil? In one word: exquisite! I’m sure it will be really appreciated. So, make sure that the bottle says “Olio Extravergine di Oliva”—it’s the best quality!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Supermarkets and gourmet shops.
  • In Le Marche: Supermarkets, gourmet shops, and directly at local producers.
  • Worldwide / Online: Check out these award-winning selections of Azienda del Carmine, a local producer in Le Marche.

9) Truffles Sauce

Do you like truffles? Do you have a friend that loves them? In the world of gourmet foods, truffles are famous in Italy and especially in Le Marche.

Rich and flavorful cream sauce, made with white or black truffles—need we say more?!

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Supermarkets and gourmet shops.
  • In Le Marche: Supermarkets, gourmet shops, and directly at local producers. The main areas of truffles in Le Marche are Acqualagna, Sant’Angelo in Vado and Amandola.
  • Worldwide / Online: Check out this kit of truffles sauce.
italian truffles

Credits. Facebook Page Acqualagna Tartufi

10) Pasta Maker

A must in any true “Italian-food-lovers” kitchen. Learn how to do a handmade pasta as the “nonna” does is a great way to bring home some of the old Italian traditions.

Where to Find it:

  • In Italy: Supermarkets and shops.
  • In Le Marche: Supermarkets and shops.
  • Worldwide / Online: Check out this model of pasta maker.

italian gift ideas pasta maker

Online Shopping: 4 Creative Souvenir Ideas for Italy lovers

The ideas below are perfect for people who love Italy!

Italian Themed Apron

Food-related items are always a nice idea: an apron is a must for those who get down and dirty when they’re cooking. So, instead of a boring regular apron, why not add a little bit of Italian flavor to it?

Check out these designs with the phrases  “Keep Calm and let’s nonna handle it”, “Mangia, Mangia, Mangia”, or the model with Italy’s map design.

italian souvenir idea apron

Luggage Tag & Passport Cover Italy Themed

What’s the best destination for an Italian lover than Italy? Check out these cute passport covers and a luggage tag that will surely win Italy lovers over, and make them book a flight right away.

Check out this Italian Air Mail Postcard LuggageTag, this Italian themed Luggage Tag, and this cute passport cover.

italy luggage tag italy passport cover

Wine Map of Italy

Wine lovers, this idea is for you! This was the first comprehensive wine map of Italy ever produced: it includes all wine regions in Italy!

wine map italy

A kit of Italian seeds

US friends: would like to find the Italian vegetable varieties and to create your own Italian vegetable garden? Another great gift idea is a kit with several packaged vegetable seeds, made with traditions and authentic Italian flavors! Check out the site Seeds from Italy

seeds from italy

Check out the WONDERFUL MARCHE SHOP on Amazon.com to discover many gift ideas from Le Marche and from Italy!

Do you have other ideas of Italian themed presents? Share them with us!

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