While Italy is under lockdown because of rocketing numbers of coronavirus cases, Italians are doing their best to spread reassurance and combat the psychological effects of the virus fear, the social distancing, and the economic block. You can imagine how difficult it could be for an Italian, the inability to work, hug his loved ones, visit his family and have a face-to-face interaction. So, instead of talking about the virus and its effects on the local economy, I decided to talk about the positive aspects I’m observing in the Italian way of life in this very hard moment. I’ve selected some initiatives in Italy that I would like to share with you because Italians are able to create beauty, joy, and efficiency even in the trying times of this global pandemic.

1) They’re spreading the slogan “Andrà tutto bene”- everything will be all right

Millions of children are stuck at home with their parents because schools have closed, and many have started leaving hand-drawn messages in their neighborhoods with this slogan. The phrase doesn’t mean “Relax, stop being vigilant,” but it means “Don’t give up! Everything will be all right”. The hand-drawn notes prepared by the children are also being spread in social media and newspapers.

andra tutto bene

2) There’s a mass mobilization to support the national healthcare system

In less than three weeks, the virus has overloaded hospitals, especially in the north of Italy, forcing doctors, nurses, and volunteers to overwork in extremely stressful conditions. We have an excellent healthcare system here in Italy and the population is recognizing their extraordinary work and efforts. Italians are supporting hospitals with personal donations and creating crowdfunding platforms.

Here’s a great example (if you would like to support it too, you can also take part in it)


healthcare italy coronavirus

3) Italians are singing on their balconies

Life in the streets has all but ceased, but behind closed doors (and out of open windows) Italians aren’t letting fear keep them away from some of the simplest joys in life: socialization and music.

They’re sharing on social media heartwarming examples of solidarity, with videos showing the empty streets while song breaks out from rooftops, balconies, and windows.


4) Virtual classrooms & online activities for children

Many schools are organizing virtual lessons to keep students updated and some sites have been created to engage parents in educative activities dedicated to their children. Teachers are doing their best! It’s impressive how they have created so much content and so many activities in just a few weeks!

italy shutdown schools

5) Virtual museums are open to feed the need for art & culture

As local museums and galleries have closed, many local digital initiatives have been created with free online offerings from artists, museums and galleries. You can click on the artworks on display for a close-up look and to have some basic information about it.

Please find some examples below:



virtual tour museum italy

6) Free clouding system and virtual space to stimulate smart working  

Many private companies are offering free systems and courses to companies to support them in offering smart working to their employees.

italy smart working

smart working italy

The home office of Nadia Stacchiotti, social media manager at XPlace, one of the Italian companies offering flexible and remote work options in this moment.

7) Free calls and internet access

Mobile and internet are the only way to be near loved ones in this period. So, many private companies are helping their users by offering free calls and internet access.

8)  Free online medical consultation

In case of Coronavirus symptoms, Italians can benefit from a free online medical consultation, where patients can ask questions and gain reliable and professional information. 

italy shutdown

9) Online cooking classes

Everybody knows that food is traditionally a relevant element of Italian life, also during such hard times like this. With more time available, many people are able to discover traditional recipes rarely prepared at home due to the lack of time in modern society. In the Marche Region (the region where I live and the topic of my blog), the bloggers Deborah Ianacci (Trippadvisor) and Tamara Cinciripini (Perle & Ciambelle) organized a handmade pasta cooking class live on Instagram.


10) Free online newspapers & magazines to combat Coronavirus fake news and keep the population correctly informed

With the coronavirus outbreak, misinformation about how to respond to the virus is also spreading. To avoid fake news and keep the population informed about the current situation, many publishing houses are offering free access to magazines and online newspapers.

italian newspapers coronavirus

These are just some of a very long list of Italian initiatives created to face up to this challenging situation. Also, the government is working to support local companies and employees as Italy’s economy will face a very hard period.

Yes, people here are scared, but I can see a great sense of belonging and a strong desire to react positively.  I’ve seen more constructive actions than acts of selfishness.

As the blogger Georgette Jupe-Pradier has said, Italy is a resilient place. This country has faced several wars, floods, economic disasters, and plagues, and it’s still one of the most loved destinations around the world.

I’m not Italian, but a piece of my heart is. There is nowhere else I would rather be…

Italy, I’m so proud of you, don’t give up. #everythingwillbeallright

How can you support?

You can find below some simple actions you can take to help Italy in this moment.

1) Support the hospitals

They’re doing incredible work to combat the virus and save lives every day.


2) Donate to the Italian Red Cross

The Italian Red Cross is a supranational charitable organization that aims to protect life and health and to ensure respect for human beings.


3) Buy Made in Italy

In this post, I have prepared a list of authentic Italian gift ideas to buy in Le Marche or online. It’s a great way to help the local economy.

4)  Don’t stop dreaming of traveling to Italy

You can’t plan your travel now, but please don’t stop traveling to Italy with your imagination.   

The tourism sector is the most affected sector in the country. If you have already booked a vacation to Italy, consider postponing it or accepting credit for a future vacation here.

And when this situation is over, do consider travel to this wonderful country.

Here I’m sharing with you some images of the daily life now in Italy and other great initiatives. In the first image, it’s how we’re delivering food to my mother in law.

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