If you’re looking for authentic experiences and special Le Marche tours, I have a great suggestion for your holiday in this beautiful Italian region. This area offers plenty of activities to explore the best of local traditions, but today I’ll just talk about my personal experience with one of them. Are you ready to discover the Le Marche countryside? Today, I’m bringing you to La Golosa, a small local company with sublime taste at the heart of everything they do.

La Golosa: A family-run company that produces genuine flavors and tailored experiences

In the Marche region, you can find beautiful farms and small companies open to the public. Some of them organize interesting activities for tourists, giving them the opportunity to discover their traditional roots. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Maurizio Curi, the owner of La Golosa, a family-run business that produces fruit preserves, jams, and juices made with 90% fresh fruit. Do you know why their products are so special? All of their products are prepared by hand, and it tastes like what Grandma used to make (can you imagine the classic Italian grandmother preparing fresh fruit for you?).

In the workroom are just two machines (one vacuum machine and another to sterilize the jars) and the essentials: a long table with some regular knives. Employees work there every day cutting and peeling the fruit, like one big family. Once a week, the owner meets with his team to listen about their feelings or talk about what’s working well and what isn’t. During this moment, no phones are allowed, as it could interfere with the dialogue.

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In today’s hectic society, where sometimes we don’t have enough time to realize what we’re eating during our lunch break, La Golosa goes ahead of the rest and maintains their own rhythm. For them, the mix of fresh fruit, traditions, and love for their land could not be a question of trend. Maurizio brought to reality a personal dream: with his parents and family, he created an activity where they can cultivate fruit, and their love for their territory, mixing together work and passion.

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Maurizio and Vincenzo Curi with their parents, Rosina and Luigi

Hands-on: Experience the rural Marche tour and the Peach Blossom Celebration 

Maurizio gives to locals and tourists the opportunity to visit his shop to discover the flavors of rural Marche and go on a walk through the apricot groves and pear trees. Impressive is a tour during the blossoming of their peach and cherry trees! You can ask for a picnic or a cooking class: that’s pretty special, don’t you think?

Its aim is to bring people closer to nature, guiding them to discover the relationship between food and farming, and find a forgotten reality. Here you will, for example, learn how a farm works, pick vegetables in their fields, learn all about fruits, how marmalade and juices are prepared and have a pleasant chat with Maurizio and his family. Everything will happen with impressive green rolling hills in the background. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and dresses… and leave the city rhythm for a while!

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Fruit preserves, juices and jams: Industrial versus Handmade

We’re so used to consume industrial juices, jams, and fruit preserves that sometimes we’re not able to identify the real flavor anywhere without sugar or chemical ingredients. But La Golosa, for example, uses 90% of fruit in their juices (while in the supermarkets most of the products are 40% and made with sugar and preservatives). The same procedure happens with the jams. Industrial companies use pectin to make the jam thicker, while La Golosa just uses fruit. That’s one of the reasons why prices could be so competitive in the supermarket. Something that I learned in Italy is to always read food labels: we understand part of the value and the quality of a product just by reading the ingredients description.

But believe me, it’s not enough: to deeply understand it, you’ll need to taste it. You’ll immediately understand the difference and feel the natural fruit flavor cultivated in the best natural environment.

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How to book a rural tour with La Golosa

Would to like to visit La Golosa and discover all of its genuine flavors?

To book your tour, you can contact the company directly via email if you speak Italian:


If you would like to book a tour in English, you can contact me directly and I can help you with the process:



Contrada Coste, 24, 63853 Montelparo Fermo Province, Italy

Phone: +39 0734 780030

How to reach Montelparo

You can create your own itinerary, ask for a picnic, a cooking class, or book a walking fruit tour. I recommend you come and check out the Peach Blossoming Celebration that is usually held in March!

The majority of travelers who come to Italy for the very first time want to go up and down and see everything! While I understand the many reasons behind this choice (as lack of enough vacation days), Le Marche and Italy, in general, are best experienced without hurrying. Slow travel means taking the time to steep in the local atmosphere, enjoying all its flavors and traditions. There’s no doubt: this wonderful region deserves to be experienced and savored slowly. And I’m sure Maurizio and his family could help you have an unforgettable experience in Le Marche. Without hassles, time crunches, or mobile phones.

In this video, Maurizio explains better the blossoming of the fruit trees. Check it out:

Thanks to Maurizio, Vincenzo, and all the Curi family for the warm experience!

This post was written in collaboration with La Golosa.

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My visit to La Golosa shop

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