Would you like to taste the Marche Italy food? There’s no better way to understand a culture than through its food. In the Le Marche , as all over Italy, it is an essential part of its culture.

Every single village in the Marche Region will be able to enchant you with a typical local dish and a special story. Most of the typical dishes could not be found in the whole region, as they are made in a delimited area. So, you can imagine how difficult is deciding a must-eat list! So, we tried to do select the most famous ones in some distinct areas: we hope you can taste it all!

Marche Italy food : enjoy our list!

1) Moscioli

Wild mussels exclusive from a specific area in the Conero. Please don’t call them ‘mussels’, the local people really consider it something different! Now I have the same idea: just taste to believe it!

marche italy food moscioli-1

Ph. credits Facebook Page Ristorante Marcello “spaghetti con i moscioli”

2) Vincisgrassi

One of the most famous traditional dishes, it’s very similar to a lasagna (a little bit dryer with some variations). But also, in this example, don’t try to call it lasagna!

Marche Italy food vincisgrassi

Ph. credits Francesca Celi

3) Ascoli stuffed olives (or Olive all’ascolana)

This specialty is prepared with a distinct olive, stuffed with a mix of meat and bread and fried. You can find this delightful dish in the Ascoli-Piceno area, but locals would recommend you: “Beware eating it outside of this area!”. This is Italy and the exclusive Italians food culture!

marche italy food olive ascolana

ph. Credits MarcoCicconi Picenum Tour

4) Ciausculo

The most famous sausage in the region, it’s a tradition in the Macerata territory. It’s well-known as the “spreadable salami”. I’ve tasted it and it’s delicious!

marche italy food ciausculo

5) Maccheroncini di Campofilone

This thin egg pasta, created in this small village called Campofilone (Province of Fermo) is fabulous! Usually, I use this pasta as a Marche’s souvenir to my friends. One advice: don’t cook it for more than 1 minute!

marche italy food maccheroncini

6) Crescia

Again, let’s give the right name for each local dish! It looks like a piadina, but it’s not! If you go to Urbino, discover this recipe, made with eggs, flour, yeast, milk, and pepper. Also, in this case, this recipe can have geographical variations. It’s exquisite!

marche italy food crescia

7) Fish stew (or Brodetto)

Brodetto is a tasty fish stew, and several coastal cities in the region have their own versions of fish stew. Ancona, Fano, Porto Recanati, San Benedetto del Tronto, and Porto San Giorgio, offer their popular variants up and down the coast.

marche italy food brodetto

Ph. Facebook Page @festivalbrodetto Fano (July 4th to 7th-2019) credits Luca Toni

8) Tagliatelle with Acqualagna’s truffles (or tagliatelle al tartufo di Acqualagna)

If you like truffles, you should taste it! In my opinion, tagliatelle is the best egg pasta which perfectly pairs with the white truffle of Acqualagna. Enjoy this traditional dish of this area, it’s delightful!

marche italy food tagliatelle

Ph.credits Facebook Page Osteria Braceria Plinc

9) Rabbit in porchetta (or coniglio in porchetta)

This typical recipe has different ways of cooking it. The key principles are rolling a roast with garlic, spices, herbs, and citrus: it’s an important regional dish!

marche italy food coniglio porchetta

Ph. Credits Facebook Page Osteria di Via Leopardi

10) Ancona’s Stockfish (or stocafisso all’anconetana)

As you can notice in the name, this dish belongs to the Ancona’s tradition. It’s prepared with potatoes, a good dose of oil, and tomatoes: local people usually eat it during the cold season.

marche italy food ancona stockfish

ph. credits Facebook page Humana Agenzia Immobiliare

The cuisine in Le Marche is influenced by the land and sea with its mixture of farmlands and the nearby Adriatic coast. Le local wines are becoming famous all over the world and are being taken seriously.  The international list of excellent wines from the Marche region just continues growing.

So, what else I can say about the Marche Italy food? I feel hungry now: what about you? Would you like to eat these delicious?

Le Marche food & recipes: cookbook

A cookbook is a gift idea that never grows old. Every Italian cooking lover would be happy to own an extra cookbook. From traditional to modern and from healthy to classic desserts, you can also choose a regional cookbook. You’ll find a large variety of Italian cookbooks everywhere!

Check out the cookbook in US Cucina of Le Marche

Italian cook book

francesca celi


Francesca Celi is a local (IT) food blogger.

As a food-expert, she is the perfect person to ask for some advices.

Let’s check her tips!

1. If you could only recommend 3 typical dishes to a visitor while in Le Marche, what would it be?

I recommend 3 dishes I really love:

  • Fish stew (brodetto), this regional dish with poor origins (the people used fish that could not be sold by the fishermen because they’re too small). I suggest you taste the 4 famous dish variations (the own versions from Porto Recanati, Ancona, Fano, and San Benedetto) and share with us your favorite one!
  • Moscioli: First of all, I suggest you taste the simpler version, prepared just with lemon and cooking water. Do you know where the perfect background for tasting it is at? At the Portonovo Bay, barefoot, on the beach.
  • La crescia: you can’t miss the crescia from Urbino or the version made with polenta (another dish made from yellow corn). Would you like to know my favorite one? The rustic crescia, made with herbs and pecorino cheese. It perfectly pairs with la Vernaccia (a variety of wine grape typical from Le Marche). It’s super!

2. What is your favorite place to try a classic recipe of Vincisgrassi?

I suggest two special restaurants:

  • 2 Cigni Montecosaro”: here you can taste the perfect traditional recipe, a lighter version without besciamella (a main ingredient of the traditional recipe) or choose a more sophisticated version with truffles and without sauce. The restaurant is in the Macerata province, in a small city called Montecosaro Scalo.
  • Osteria dei Fiori”: in the menu, you can find a fantastic specialty: the famous regional variation of this dish, called “vincisgrassi alla maceratese”. In this recipe, the meat is not minced, but is sliced in small pieces. Moreover, this representative restaurant is in the heart of the city center of Macerata. After dinner, you can take a walk and visit this fascinating city!

3. If you could describe your region in one phrase, what would it be?

Le Marche is a region of Italy that perfectly reflects her own cuisine: genuine, informal, and sometimes very rustic, but absolutely exquisite and authentic!

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