Last week, I discovered Mondolfo Marotta Italy, which is in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Officially, Mondolfo is one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. This village in Le Marche raised up, similar to a balcony above the sea, mixing history, maritime traditions, colorful landscapes, and the cheerful behavior of its people. Marotta is a graceful seaside resort that belongs to the Mondolfo municipality.

Let’s check some of the must-do things in this beautiful area.

1.Visit the imposing Palazzo Comunale

Mondolfo protects its compact city center with defensive Renaissance walls. Ancient palaces, bastions, and imposing walls narrate the interesting history of this village to its visitors.

In the heart of the city, the majestic silhouette of Palazzo Comunale with its civic tower fascinates the visitors. The castle was once the residence of the Della Rovere family (a noble Italian family), with a base of power, a defensive building, and home to several dukes.

mondolfo italy

Thanks to Renato Ribichini for the great photo!

2. Go back in the past through the Panoramic Viewpoint

The Panoramic Viewpoint  (Belvedere) has the most spectacular views of the city. Standing at this point, you can overlook the rolling hills and the sea from the along the patrol paths of the inner ring of the fortification. Can you imagine the castle under siege and the soldiers protecting the city from the attackers?

belvedere castle

3.Imagine the battles at the Sant’Anna Bastion

After the siege of Mondolfo in 1517, S. Anna Bastion was erected along the town’s walls probably to replace the damaged former tower and reinforce the structure linking two sections of the wall. Its mission was to house a larger number of artillery pieces and soldiers. That’s why some ancient cannons are exposed in the bastion. Can you perhaps see how the Mondolfo’s castle inspired fear in their enemies?

4. Admire the beautiful churches of Mondolfo

Don’t miss the impressive monastery of Sant’Agostino. The church inside the complex, the Sant’Agostino Church, has a Renaissance facade, and historical paintings of many regional artists. Another interesting church to visit is the Collegiate Church of St Justine (1290), which took over eight centuries to be completed. Above the entrance portal, lies an impressive choir loft with an organ.

mondolfo church

5. Discover the Pallone con il Bracciale

It’s very hard to find the “classical game of Italians”. Many countries connect Italy with classical football. However, in Mondolfo you can also discover a very ancient game, the Pallone col Bracciale.

In the 15th century, this game come to the Renaissance courts. It is played with hands rather than the feet (generally considered an ignoble body part) and accessorized with the bracciale (forearm cylinders manually built using wood). Furthermore, the balls are hit with the cylinder before they bounce, after the first bounce or after hitting the wall.

In the mid-20th century, the game’s popularity faded due to many reasons: the arrival of football, the high cost of the bracciali, and the game’s difficulty requiring rare precision. Today, this rare ball game is still played in Mondolfo and is a part of the town’s traditions.

mondolfo marotta traditions

6. Chill out in the Marotta beach

After discovering how life was hard in the Renaissance period, it’s time to relax and chill at the beautiful Marotta Beach. Situated between Fano and Senigallia, the Marotta beach offers miles of sand and clear water. The wide beach is perfect for families, and offers many services, like great restaurants, umbrellas, and chairs.

The seafront is perfect for long walks, sports, and sunbathing. Would like to know the best period to go to Marotta Beach? I suggest you avoid July and August, as it’s the main period of vacation for Italians, and all the seaside resorts usually area very crowded. In my opinion, the middle seasons are the best ones!

marotta beach

7. Discover the beauty of the mosaic wall art

In the past, the villages were built on the top of the hills to prevent the intrusions and protect their people. That’s one reason many areas near the sea have modern buildings and newer traditions. In the last years, the seafront walls of Marotta were decorated by the association Chiaro Scuro with mosaics and recycled material. Now, these amazing and colorful mosaics are officially part of the beautiful panorama of the Marotta beach.

marotta beach mosaic

8. Taste the garagoi

Tasting the local food is always a must-do in Italy! I’ve discovered the garagoi, a kind of mollusk, prepared with interesting maritime traditions: it’s really tasty! Forget international etiquette rules for a while and follow the local traditions: the noise of everyone on the table slurping their own garagoi is something natural and friendly. The “Scarpetta” (mop up your plate with bread, dunking it in the sauce) is part of this gastronomic ritual. Definitely, it’s a good way to “break the ice”!

garagoi marotta food

With Valeria Virginia and Emanuela Besleaga during the photowalk

There are many celebrations and events during the year dedicated to the typical traditions and dishes. The Sagra dei Garagoi, usually held in April, is a great opportunity to have a 360° travel experience.

garagoi marotta italy

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to discover Mondolfo and Marotta in your next travel to Italy!

This post was written in collaboration with Marche Tourism , Fondazione Marche CulturaMondolfo Municipality, and Mondolfo Marotta Events. Thanks to them all and to all the protagonists that embark on this pleasant journey.

mondolo marotta italy

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