MonteConero (or Mount Conero) is a small piece of heaven on the Adriatic coast, in Le Marche, Central Italy. This promontory is the middle of the Conero Park, a protected ecological area, and is situated directly south of the port of Ancona.

This rocky mount rises majestically in a wild environment and drops all the way to the crystalline coast below. It can’t be considered a mountain, as it is only 572 meters high, but that doesn’t change its impressive beauty.

Best Things to do in MonteConero

Go hiking and explore some of the 18 trails

There are 18 different paths to discover Mount Conero on foot, by horse or by bike. Here you can find trails for all kind of adventures: from easy and pleasant walks to challenging itineraries, perfect for sportive travelers. Many paths offer breathtaking views, like the wonderful landscape of the “Two Sisters” rocks, from the top (Due Sorelle, Sirolo beach).

monteconero view

Discover the Conero name’s origin and stories

The name Conero (pronunciation [ˈkɔːnero]) probably has a Greek origin and refers to the strawberry tree which could be found in this area. Ask a local guide to narrate some curiosities, stories, and mysteries of this fascinating place: you will be enthralled!

monteconero strawberry tree

Explore the rich flora and the wildlife of this natural area

This protected paradise hosts a rich flora with more than 1000 protected species and rich wildlife. It’s a perfect place for birdwatching and to observe many species like peregrine falcon, beech marten, least weasel, kingfisher, eurasian badger, yellow-bellied toad, pheasant and pallid swift.

monteconero animals

Discover the oldest evidence of the man ‘s life in Le Marche

During the construction of a building in MonteConero, stone artifacts were found, and it indicates the man’s presence in the Mount during the lower Paleolithic period.

Along the path 301B of the Conero Park, you can find deep incisions on a rock and rectangular tank with holes of different sizes, associated with the pre-Roman cult forms.

The function of these incisions is still a mystery. Among the hypotheses, it could be related to animal sacrifices.

monteconero incisioni

Ph. credits Pag Facebook appunti sulla natura

Visit the Portonovo bay and the near lakes

This hidden gem sits just a few kilometers south of Ancona and preserves some of the most beautiful beaches of the Conero. If you would like to discover one of Marche’s most unspoiled places, this is the perfect destination. Don’t miss the Great Lake and the Deep Lake!


Admire the church “Santa Maria di Portonovo”

One of the maximum examples of Roman sculpture in Le Marche, this church is a highly recommended place to visit.

The church, built at the beginning of the 11th century by the Benedictine monks, was in the past an ancient abbey. After a landslide, it was closed in 1320. It wasn’t restored until the 15th century and was reopened in 1934.

The church walls were made with the white stone typical from the Conero and the original interior floor was made with stones and terracotta components.

The church today is not always open: it is possible to visit it with specific requests or in specific days during the winter and the summer.

monteconero santa maria portonovo

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Go directly to a local winery and taste the Rosso Conero

Rosso Conero is a DOC wine from a specific area in the Ancona province (in this case, DOC is a quality assurance label for Italian wines, which allows the production in a specific area, using defined methods). According to principles, this wine must be made from at least 85% Montepulciano with the addition of up to 15% Sangiovese.

It is a full-bodied red, characterized by its concentrated color, intense flavors, and aromas.

When visiting the MonteConero, I recommend you tasting a good glass of Rosso Conero in a local winery. By this way, you can discover the product’s history and feel the local soul and roots.

monteconero rosso conero

Are you ready for an amazing adventure in the MonteConero? I’m waiting for you here!

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Hotels in Le Marche Italy

Are you planning a trip to Le Marche? Check out the list of hotels in Le Marche  and book it now!

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