San Severino Marche is a magic municipality in the Macerata Province, in Le Marche, Italy. As you arrive, you’ll see a castle dominating the hilltop, diving you into the rich history of this village. A fascinating square called Piazza del Popolo welcomes visitors with several medieval and renaissance buildings, churches, charming alleys, all tied together with a family-friendly atmosphere. The surroundings outline the typical rural landscape that characterizes the region, with all shades of green.

Close your eyes and try to imagine the impressive scenery. Are you ready to take a trip to San Severino Marche with me?

San Severino Marche: Prehistory and Roman Age

The oldest vestiges of human life in the town date back to the Palaeolithic period. But there are many other remains found in other localities of the territory that document several settlements in the territory throughout the different ages.

Known as Septempeda in ancient times, San Severino Marche was a Roman town that was raised with a strategic role in controlling the trade and a way to connect the Adriatic Sea to Rome.

The area became part of the Papal States in the 1500s.

San Severino Castle

The “Castello” locality, nestled deep within the summit of Colle Nero Mount, was where the medieval village once stood. Today, you can find large walls and two towers, a symbol of the town. The view from the castle is impressive!

san severino marche castle

Piazza del Popolo, San Severino Marche

The main square of the city dates back to the 13th century and is the heart of the city.

With an oval shape, it’s surrounded by Renaissance-style buildings. Here you can find restaurants, bars, and some of the major attractions of the city.

piazza del popolo san severino

Piazza del Popolo during the Christmas Holiday season (Bosco Urbano). Ph. Thanks to Luca Mengoni

Teatro Feronia (Feronia Theater)

The theater, located in Piazza del Popolo, was raised in 1747 and designed by the famous Italian architect Ireneo Aleandri.

It received the name of the Italian goddess who, according to the myth, had a temple in Septempeda. The beauty of this small theater is sumptuous.

teatro feronia

Archaeological Museum “G. Moretti”

The Civic Archaeological Museum preserves prehistoric finds from San Severino, such as lithic artifacts, a pottery collection from Paige, and a section where there are exposed tombs from the necropolis of Pitino. Take a look at the impressive cloister next to the museum!

cloister san severino

Elcito, a section of San Severino Marche

Elcito, a section of San Severino, is a magical tiny village where time seems to have stood still. This small city nestled on a cliff at 800 meters above sea level has an incredible atmosphere. With just seven inhabitants, the small community of Elcito lives in harmony as an extended family.

The hamlet along with the remains of an ancient castle is situated on the slopes of the Natural Reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito.

The mobile phones seemed to respect the harmony of this environment, made of human connections. I recommend this magical experience to all those who occasionally need to disconnect from this frantic world and relax in an environment full of beautiful nature.

Elcito italy

Ph. Thanks to Luca Mengoni

Canfaito, the field of beech trees near San Severino Marche

Another great spot to visit nearby is Canfaito, the “field of beech trees” in Latin. Here you will find large and centuries-old beech trees; the perfect place to discover the magic of the autumn of Le Marche.


Ph. Thanks to Daniele Innamorati

Fonte delle Sette Cannelle

This spring was built in 1307, representing a truly precious “monument to water” for the local people. It was preserved with respect for the purity of the water, indispensable during times of frequent epidemics. Take a look at that clear water!

Fonte delle sette cannelle

Charming doors

I have a thing about Italian doors! During your visit to the city, don’t forget to observe the charming and antique doors in the city. Amazing, don’t you think?

doors Italy

Palio dei Castelli a historical celebration in San Severino Marche

A picturesque historical celebration of Palio dei Castelli takes place in San Severino in June. Historical reenactments, medieval games, folkloristic activities, and ancient traditions. It’s an amazing way to truly live the history of this little hamlet.

Palio dei castelli

Ph- Thanks to Luca Mengoni

Where to sleep in San Severino Marche: Palazzo Gentili

Palazzo Gentili is a historic residence of the 16th century located in Piazza del Popolo. It now offers historic accommodations that are unique: ceiling frescoes, original paintings, and an elegant mix of antique and modern furniture. In one of the suites, there’s an exclusive 18th-century private chapel decorated by the Italian painter Filippo Bigioli, active in a late neoclassical style. It also offers a SPA: perfect for a romantic and relaxing stay in Le Marche. Palazzo Gentili is a jewel in the heart of San Severino Marche, where you can live a complete experience between art, history, and religion.

Book Palazzo Gentili here:

palazzo gentili chapel

Private Chapel inside a room of Palazzo Gentili

palazzo gentili rooms

Learning the Italian Language and the Italian culture

This year, I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in the “Mula Borsa del Turismo del Centro Italia,” event organized Antonio Perticarini (responsible for the Spazio Cultura association) and the Cingoli municipality. I had the pleasure of meeting many people interesting people in this tourism area and one of them was Giorgio Massei, founder of Edulingua, a vacation-study itinerary for foreigners who would like to learn the Italian language and culture in Le Marche. The idea is to offer a 360° experience, between the language, the Italian culture, food, and traditions. Each year, 2,000 students of all ages and countries participate in their courses for weeks or even months.

The school is inside an imposing historic palace built in the 17th century at the behest of Fulvio Servanzi, Pope’s assistant. Students can learn about Italy as a whole and live inside the building, as the school offers 20 rooms.  Edulingua’s professors teach Italian in many ways: sometimes in an institutional way, sometimes with a guitar, or sometimes by preparing a dinner together. It’s a great way to interpret every moment of the lesson in an interactive and authentic way. If it interests you, visit their website to have more information… and maybe plan your Italian full immersion during your next vacation!


Edulingua students ph. Facebook Page Edulingua


With Giorgio Massei: Thanks again for the warm hospitality.

San Severino Marche Map

san severino marche map

Map details

San Severino Marche could be a wonderful place to explore in Le Marche! Art, history, and ancient traditions, all off the beaten path!

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