Sirolo, Italy, is a medieval town in the Marche region. It had been a castle that belonged to the noble family, Conti Cortesi. The village is situated in the Conero Regional Park, in the Ancona province, and is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Region. It has continuously been awarded one of the blue flags in the region since 1994.

The restored medieval town center culminates with a square with breathtaking views of the sea and of Monte Conero. During the summer it’s busy, with many small restaurants and bars and in the middle seasons, it’s peaceful. From the main square, you can reach several clear beaches in just ten minutes’ walk.

This charming town consists in a maze of alleys, accessible just by foot, between unique glimpses, stairs, and angles. Sirolo has been named “the pearl of the Adriatic”: are you ready to discover this enchanting village with me?

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Sirolo’s history

Sirolo registers one of the most remote human presences of Le Marche. Since Prehistory, the mysterious population left signs of their presence dating back to 100 thousand years ago.

During the Neolithic age, other populations occupied Sirolo and the town records other presences in the bronze age, and other settlements, like the Piceni and the Romans.

The Sirolo castle was raised also to defend the city from the Barbarians invasions. Its fortified building resisted throughout the Middle Ages and in 1225 the lords of the place ceded Sirolo to Ancona.

Recently, marine reptile imprints were discovered in Sirolo. Studies hypothesize that the series of tracks belong to a Lower Cretaceous marine tetrapod, a reptile not yet identified. The fossil trackway is located in a forbidden area, for safety reasons.

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Things to do in Sirolo, Italy

Sirolo is famous for its stunning beaches, but there’s much more to discover in this beautiful village. Let’s check it out!

Explore some of the most beautiful beaches of Le Marche

Due Sorelle beach (Two Sisters beach) is the “queen” of the beaches in Le Marche. It takes its name from the two white faraglioni (sea stacks) jutting out of the sea and which look like two nuns praying. Take a canoe or book a boat excursion and don’t miss it!

Spiaggia Urbani, Sassi Neri, and San Michele are other breathtaking beaches that can’t be missed!

Sirolo Italy

Two Sisters beach (Due Sorelle Beach). Ph. credits IG @carlomoretti88

Sit down on a bench of the main square and discover the Italian Piazza’s meaning

The Italian piazza, the heart of a community, is a key to understanding local life. The main square of Sirolo offers one of the most beautiful views of the sea and the Conero Mount. Be a spectator: observe nature, the people’s behavior, their expressions, and listen to the dialogues, even if you don’t know Italian. La piazza has carved a place for itself in the Italian culture.

sirolo square

Church of San Nicola di Bari

This impressive 19th-century building is the main church of Sirolo. Standing in the main square, it houses ancient figurative works, including the Holy House of Loreto, an ancient organ from 1723, and a wooden crucifix from the 16th century.

church san nicola di Bari

Church of San Pietro al Conero

The Abbey of San Pietro al Conero existed from 1038, the year in which Benedictine monks built a monastery as a refuge. Overlooking the Conero landscape, in its simplicity, this small church is really beautiful!

San Pietro Church Sirolo

Go hiking in the Conero Mount

Do you love nature? You can’t miss a pleasant walk in the Conero Mount. Here you can go bird watching, hiking and biking, and there are trails with panoramic sights overlooking the sea and hills. Conero Mount is perfect for sportive people!

conero mount

Ph. credits Lorenzo Sgalippa

Discover the charming narrow alleys of Sirolo

Sirolo Italy is characterized by pretty narrow alleys and amazing glimpses. You can’t miss a walk in its charming historic center!

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Discover the Picenes Queen’s tomb

The “Picenes Queen’s tomb” was found in an archaeological site: it’s the largest aristocratic tomb ever discovered. A chariot and a horse-drawn carriage, two mules, and many ornaments were part of the Queen’s funeral. It confirms the existence of a society that had reached an important conception of the role of women within the ancient society italica.

The precious finds of this tomb are now exposed in the State Antiquarium of Numana, created to collect the treasures of the necropolis.

Picenes Queen's tomb Sirolo

Picenes Queen’s tomb Sirolo Credits Turismo Sirolo

Teatro Cortesi

“Teatro Cortesi” is a marvelous 19th-century theatre. The structure is totally nested in the fortification walls of the city.

Teatro Cortese Sirolo

Credits Turismo Sirolo

Teatro alle Cave

“Teatro alle Cave” received its name from its history: it was a Conero stone quarry in the past. Thanks to human creativity, a characteristic open-air theater has been created.

Teatro alle Cave Sirolo italy

Credits Turismo Sirolo


What to eat in Sirolo

During your trip in the Conero, moscioli (wild mussels from a specific area in the Conero) is a must-taste. The exquisite seafood of Sirolo will never disappoint you!

moscioli portonovo


Getting there

The closest airport is Ancona Falconara Airport: it’s about a 30 minutes’ drive from Sirolo. I suggest you rent a car: it’s the best solution to explore other areas in Le Marche.

When to visit Sirolo, Italy

July and August are summer in Italy, and good weather is guaranteed in this period. To be honest, I don’t recommend you August, as it’s the holiday month for Italians: the beaches will be busy and the town has plenty of tourists. I suggest you the middle seasons, like June and September. It’s peaceful and the weather is still warm.


Weather in Sirolo, Italy (average)

Sirolo Italy weather


Sirolo Italy Map

Sirolo Italy Map

Sirolo Italy Map

Properties for sale in Sirolo Italy

Are you interested in buying a property in Sirolo? Just check the properties for sale available in the website section “Real Estate”.

The property manager of a local licensed real estate agency would be happy to show you the houses and villas currently available in the region. Please contact him by email at and let him know what you have in mind and he will get back to you promptly.

The agency manager would be delighted to help you in your house search in the amazing region of Le Marche and ensure that the property meets your requirements.

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When looking for things to do in this Italian region, you’ll find inspiring and exciting times waiting aplenty! This wonderful region will enchant you!

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Hotels in Sirolo Italy

Are you planning a trip to Sirolo? Check out the list of hotels in Sirolo Italy and book it now!

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