Are you searching for things to do in Montelupone? Montelupone is an ancient hilltop village located in the province of Macerata, in Le Marche, a central region of Italy. Officially recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, this impressive municipality is famous for its well-preserved historical attractions including churches, museums and medieval buildings.

According to historical legends, Montelupone was founded under the rule of the Libyan Hercules and its name comes from Luponi, a powerful Italian family from Lombardia. One of its members, Lupo I is mentioned in some descriptions dating back to the year 787.

I discovered this city after being invited to participate in the Montelupone Mystery Tour, a creative guided tour invented by Leonardo Bedini, a local who decided to create a new way to narrate his territory. Visitors are engaged in a night walking-tour in the city while Leonardo, Marco and some actors represent historic characters. So, the experience includes an enigmatic visit to private, ancient caves illuminated with candles. This tour has a specific personality, where history is paired with jokes, creeps, an ironic tone of voice, and a fascinating mystery.

Leonardo, after living many years in Scotland, decided to go back to his birthplace and to create something new. He combined the great restaurant of his parents, their Bed and Breakfast, and the innovative Mystery Tour, creating a 360° touristic experience. Just last year, more than 4,000 visitors took part in this original tour, between ramparts, dark alleys, historical reenactments and legends.

montelupone mystery tour

History, Curiosities and Secrets of Montelupone

Leonardo dedicated three years to researching and talking with the old wise men of this small village, digging tunnels in his private caves, analyzing personal items, reading many ancient books, and revealing pieces of the puzzle of Montelupone’s history.

Legends and terrible true stories are part of the experience: ghosts, witches, hidden treasures, fights with swords, with a final experience in absolute darkness, inside the cave. Passion is a code word of this family: you can feel in their eyes their love for their past.

montelupone caves

Monuments, Storic Buildings and Stunning Panoramas in Montelupone

Montelupone evokes the visitor’s amazement due to the presence of some of the civic monuments along with the walls surrounding some of the impressive palaces in the main public square. In the heart of the hamlet, lies the Palazzo del Podesta along with the civic tower, one of the main attractions of this place. Besides, the Church of S. Chiara and the Church of S. Francesco are some of the main religious monuments of the province of Macerata.

Another must visit place is the Museum of Ancient Arts and Trades. In the museum are equipment and work tools that belong to the ancient artisan trades of the central hills of the Marche Region.

The Palazzo Comunale has a neoclassical style architecture, which was rebuilt on the existing medieval structure during the ninth century, and later restored by the architect Ireneo Aleandri (designer of the Arena Sferisterio of Macerata). Here you can also admire the Nicola degli Angeli imposing theater designed by the same architect and finalized by Giuseppe Sabbatini.

Don’t forget to find a comfortable place to admire the stunning panorama of Montelupone: the rolling hills and the Adriatic Sea view will enchant you!

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Ph. Attribution Flickr Enrico Pighetti

Discover the Montelupone Artichoke

One of the most famous local specialties is the Montelupone artichoke, Slow Food presidium. It’s another example that shows the richness of the Le Marche flavors. It’s a tasty, delicate artichoke variety from Le Marche and exclusive from Montelupone.

Characterized by its deep purple color and smaller size, this wild artichoke is rare. It’s part of many local recipes: preserved in olive oil, fried, with tagliatelle or red meat. It’s delicious— don’t miss it!

slow food artichoke

Montelupone Artichoke Credits La Taverna dell’Artista Facebook Page

Where to Eat in Montelupone

You can find some delicious local dishes prepared with fresh raw materials in most of the restaurants. In La Taverna dell’Artista, the Bedini’s family-run restaurant, you can find the most typical local specialties and some of the most famous Le Marche dishes. In collaboration with Gabriele Ferron, a famous Italian chef and national rice ambassador, the chef Antonino Bedini introduced an extensive risotto menu prepared with exclusive techniques.

During the summer and middle seasons, it is possible to eat in the garden, which is a very pleasant area and perfect for a dinner with friends and family. Leonardo works also in the restaurant before the Mystery Tour. With his staff’s support, he is always available to recommend the best food options in the menu to his customers (such a multi-tasking man!). I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your dining experience!

montelupone where to eat

“Tagliata Ratalanga”: Meat with Montelupone Antichoke, olives and Montelupone Honey.

Where to Stay in Montelupone

If you are planning to stay in Montelupone during your vacation in Le Marche, then you can find great hospitality in the Montelupone B&B, a splendid eighteenth century historic building with frescoed lounges. The Bedini family will offer you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in their spaces: breakfast room, mini apartment with bathroom, an equipped kitchen, and reception hall for the exclusive use of their guests.

where to stay montelupone

Montelupone B&B

How to Reach Montelupone

Montelupone borders the following municipalities: Macerata, Montecosaro, Potenza Picena, Morrovalle, and Recanati.

The nearest airport is the Ancona airport. As an alternative, you can find other flight options in the Bologna International Airport. I suggest you rent a car, as it facilitates your travel itinerary in Le Marche. Public transportation in my opinion is not the best option!

Mystery Tour: Info and How to Book it

The tour is available also in English and in Spanish and could be booked with the minimum of six people. You can choose between the Mystery Tour and the Special Tour (a longer tour with more actors and an additional part to the show).

montelupone macerata

  • Mystery Tour

Duration: about 2 hours. Suitable also for kids.

It starts every day (by reservation for a minimum of six people, up to a maximum of 25) at 22 / 22.30, based on the needs of the group.

  • Special Tour (for large groups of people)

Expanded Mystery Tour! A longer tour with more actors and an additional part to the show.

Duration: about 2 and a half hours. Suitable also for kids.

How to book it: Mystery Tour Montelupone.

During the Halloween period, Leonardo organizes an exclusive tour with many actors and in a unique and scary environment. It’s a great idea for something to do in region during the autumn.

leonardo bedini

Montelupone is a great place to visit with a fascinating history and beautiful medieval buildings. If you’re searching for an attractive and funny way to explore this splendid village, I suggest you discover it through the Mystery Tour. Spend some nice time here to enjoy this hidden gem. It will amaze you!

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With Leonardo Bedini & Marco

This is post was written in collaboration with the Mystery Tour Montelupone. All views, posts and opinions shared in the blog are my own.

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