What to do with a tablet: you can easily think about checking emails, managing social media, or surfing the web. But there are many other incredible things that your tablet can do and which you may not know about. Are you undecided as to whether you will buy a tablet or laptop? Did you receive a tablet as a gift, but you do know what to do with it?

Find in this post some creative ideas and some reasons to get a tablet, especially if you love to travel, like me (I hope that we will be able to travel again soon!).

1. Create a personalized travel gift

Human connection is one of the most gratifying experiences of being in a new place. Prepare a selection of the best moments of your trip with your friend or beloved one and upload it on a tablet. Remember your vacation together, the funniest videos, and stories. I’m sure it will be a useful and warm gift!

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2. Cook like an Italian and travel through its food!

I always prefer to use a tablet to check out a new recipe! I’ve learned many Italian recipes, like the handmade pasta following a local YouTuber!

Just set up the tablet in your kitchen, find a recipe online, and get cooking! I’m sure you’ll be able to travel to Italy also through its delicious food!

what to do with a tablet

3. Use it as a phone

Using a tablet is a great way to stay close to those who are far away and stay close to family and friends.

There’re many free apps to have a face-to-face call, via chat or voice-chat. It was a wonderful resource to make my kids feel near to their grandparents, especially during the lockdown.

4. Use it as Digital Picture Frame

Use the Daydream app for Android or Apple to display favorite travel pictures when the tablet is not being used.

5. Use it as piano for your children

Usually, I’m a little bit rigid about the time spent with my children with TV and mobile devices. But during a trip, consider the airport queues, and traffic. I think it’s a good solution to avoid stressful situations for them (and for us, parents!). There are also many educational or creative apps to practice languages (Italian lessons, for example), play piano, paint, or educational quizzes.

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7. Control your house when you’re traveling

Control electronics remotely: tablets can also be used to control the television, alarms, stereo system, and other electronics. With specific apps, it’s also a great way to keep your house under control when you’re traveling … and feel safe!

video camera app

video camera app

8. Travel with your imagination… and organize your next travel to Italy!

I know it’s not possible to travel at this moment but traveling with our imagination is highly recommended! Explore new places, save your favorite travel tips, discover new charming hotels and things to do … and start organizing your next destination! And of course, I suggest you discover Le Marche, a wonderful Italian region off the beaten path!

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Why to get a tablet if you’re a traveler

Due to the smart working and being also a travel blogger, the habit of taking a laptop with me on my trips is difficult to break. However, I can see that the gap between tablets and laptops has been reduced significantly with portable keyboards and powerful tablets. I prefer to discover new places, especially in Le Marche, Italy, with a lighter and simple device.

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1. Tablets are light and portable (but more powerful than a cell phone)

Tablets offer a clear advantage: they’re portable and much lighter than a laptop. They are much more powerful than a cell phone, which has a more limited performance.

The screen size on a tablet usually is around 18-20 cm: they easily fit into bags, backpacks, or trolleys. So, it’s perfect for travelers, students, and professionals who travel a lot for business.

Whether you need to check emails, edit documents, use social media or do a check-in online, a tablet can help you get it done anywhere.

2. Cost of buying or replacing a tablet

Depending on your needs, a tablet could be an affordable and smarter solution, reducing the economic risks when you’re traveling (physical damage, laptop loss or theft, etc.). The value also makes a tablet on your trip a more practical option.

The laptop that I’m using (KingPad SA) offers an excellent value for money at under €150. I can work, manage social media, read news, take photos or make videos with a great performance with a smart solution.

3.Tablets turns on instantly

A laptop usually takes around 10-30 seconds to start up while a tablet takes around 2-10 seconds. Quick, no?

4. Editing and sharing photos during your travel

With the help of some amazing photo editing apps, you can easily edit photos or videos before sharing them online.

5. Entertainment when you travel

Read an e-book while you’re waiting for your flight, see your favorite Netflix series while you’re in a hotel, or listen to your Spotify playlist.

No matter where you go, a tablet will always be ready to travel with you!

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This is the tablet (Kingpad SA8) I used to write this article and travel with my imagination!

ModelVastking Kingpad SA8
SystemAndroid 10
DesignFull Metal Unibody
Perfect for:Travelers, smart workers, businessmen
Available for sale (online)USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Asia

#Sponsored post: This article was written in partnership with VastkingKingPad. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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